Hummel Architects delivers creative, distinctive design solutions that integrate the concerns of the client, the inhabitants, and the general community. The firm is a professional corporation with nearly 80 years of combined experience offering a broad range of consulting services including urban design, land planning, feasibility studies, site planning, renovation (historic or contemporary) as well as complete design and architectural services.

The firm was established in 1991 as part of a collaborative and became independent in 2000. We have a broad base in civic buildings with experience in higher education design, theater and museum projects; expertise in project pre-design planning, urban and master planning in addition to the full range of conventional architectural design services.

We are a small firm adept at handling complex projects efficiently; our size does not limit our vision, conviction and integrity. The client has direct access to each of us and to our individual expertise. We work closely with the client and associated groups to balance their priorities with functional needs, budget limitations, aesthetic concerns, technical considerations and cultural understanding to develop solutions that integrate a passion for design with responsible pragmatism and sound technical knowledge. We built our reputation by carefully listening to the client and to the communities that our projects will be built in, by building strong relationships within the design team and by acknowledging the dynamics of process. A satisfied client and an appreciative community represent a successful project to us.